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We need certain family members (Conversation “Leaders”) to go to the Family Opinion / Talk page at least once per week and post a little something, reply a little something...

Sorry, but new entries not immediately visible. Due to spambots, we need to validate your entry. Check back later in the day or tomorrow. Thanks, Bobby.


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Name: Webmaster Jeff
Sent:: 11/22/2007 02:11:06 pm

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Suhors and friends.

- Webmaster Jeff

Name: Bobby
Sent:: 09/09/2007 06:09:58 pm

Celebrating my Moms 84th birthday with all had a great time.

Name: Bobby
City: Metairie
State/Province: la
Sent:: 08/19/2007 02:08:20 pm

Hey to all just thought I'd check out the family talk page but nothing here will send out my Katrina letter this month 2 years how time flies.

In My Prayer Always!

Name: Nancy Rodrigue
HomePage: Woman's New Life Center
City: Metairie
Sent:: 08/06/2007 07:08:48 pm

I am trying to contact Benny Suhor.

Please call me at 504-831-3117 or by email listed.

Thank You
Nancy Rodrigue

Name: Webmaster Jeff
Sent:: 05/09/2007 09:05:56 pm

Here is a new Family Talk page that should allow Bobby to maintain to keep the spambots out. If you type a comment for the Suhor Family here, check back later and it will be validated for all to see and respond to.

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